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Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, NY provides great ice fishing opportunities for large lake trout from late January through early March. Ice fishing trips are all-inclusive!

While it might be cold outside, once you see one of those big trout swim by the 8 inch hole in the ice you’ll warm up quickly.  You just need to wear warm clothing, have a sense of adventure, sit back, enjoy the beautiful setting of this gorgeous lake and wait for a flag on one of your tip-ups to spring free, indicating a fish has struck your bait.   Cooperstown sets on the south end of this very deep lake which regularly produces trout in the 7 to 12 lb. class.

All White Dog Ice-Fishing Trips include: licensed guide, tip ups, bait , auger and heated ice fishing tent.

A couple of nice chain pickerel taken during a great day on the ice in December 2013.

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Two nice lake trout caught on Otsego Lake by John Beyrent of Alexandria, Virginia

Lake George, NY  -  Click on the photo below for a great new ice fishing story from The Mercury newspaper by Vic Attardo

You can purchase a New York State Fishing License by following the link below.